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One of the most interesting things about this line of "work" is all the different types of people you meet. Some are very outgoing, some are very quiet, and most fall somewhere in between.

I wouldn't necessarily say that Andre is quiet... it's more like reserved. He's a professional athlete and he just has this demeanor that's all business. He also told me that he's been in a few of the fitness magazines, but getting infomation out of this guy isn't the easist thing, so I don't know which ones.

He has a great body and a very sexy smile. I really like guys with dark hair and the dark fuzz on his ass was a real turn on for me.

At the end of the video I had him shoot his load onto a round, black tray that I found in the hotel room (I have this "fetish" about guys cumming onto things). Andre is one of those guys who doesn't make a lot of noise when he cums, but he's fun to watch anyway.

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