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A while back we got an e-mail from a viewer with a bunch of pictures attached.

The guy in the pictures was really hot, all muscular and sweaty, and he was holding a hammer and wearing nothing but a low-riding pair of jeans.

"This is a guy I went to school with," the viewer wrote. "He's hot and I would love to see him jerk off. I think he'll do it. Can you try?"

We thanked our viewer for the submission, and asked him to have the hot guy drop us a line.

Surprisingly, he did!

He was very open minded and seemed enthusiastic about the opportunity.

His name was Thomas.

When he finally met him, we got to hear his side of the story:

"I do a lot of my work without a shirt on because it's hot outside," he explained.

"And because you like to show off?"

"Yeah that too."

"I was doing that," Thomas continued, "and I guess he took it upon himself to take a bunch of pictures of me and send them in to you guys."

"How did you react?"

"It kind of caught me off guard a little bit," he said. "But it sounded interesting!"

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