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Aiden has beautiful, brown bedroom eyes with long, dark lashes. He's also got a hot, muscular body and big nuts! He's also very laid back.

"It's just how I've always been," he said. "My dad and my brother are completely opposite. They're all high strung... really intense people."

He said that his family is comprised of a lot of different types of people, with a lot of different personalities.

"I'm Cape Verdean," he explained. "Cape Verdean is pretty much like Portuguese/black, but not as dark."

"My mom is Italian and English," he continued. "My brother is pretty pale. We don't look anything alike!"

Aiden is 21 and lives with his girlfriend.

"How long have you been dating your girlfriend?"

"Actually, not that long," he said. "Probably about a year."

They've just started discussing marriage, but he wants to wait until he settles down into a steady job.

"I'm actually going to be a firefighter. I have an interview in a week or two!"

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