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Dennis & Trevor

Dennis & Trevor

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Dennis and Trevor had both arrived on early flights the day before we did this shoot.

They were both staying in the same hotel and had some time to kill.

"I saw him in the restaurant," Dennis said, looking at Trevor. "He's cute and he was wearing a tight t-shirt that showed his muscles. I was pretty sure what he was here for!"

Trevor laughed. "I saw him in the gym," he said, referring to Dennis. "He's pretty ripped up."

"Did you guys spend any time together?"

"No," Trevor said. "I wasn't sure and I didn't want to make an ass out of myself if I was wrong. I thought to myself , 'He's pretty hot,' though."

So they hadn't officially met, but they got a lot of the "ice breaking" out of the way early on!

They were really into each other, and their muscular bodies looked pretty hot grinding against each other!

Dennis took the pounding like a champ, and after it was over and he was covered in cum:

"That was awesome!"

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