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Brendan & Dennis

Brendan & Dennis

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Brendan has been having the time of his life!

It seems like he looks forward to each shoot even more than the last.

"Are you ready to take a big ol' daddy dick today?"

"I hear it's big," Brendan said. "I dunno. We'll find out."

"Dennis, you saw how big his booty is."

Dennis was sitting next to Brendan, rubbing his shoulders. Both of them were looking pretty damn good!

"That's why we brought in a big ol' weiner to take care of it. You got to get past all of that muscle."

Dennis laughed and said, "Oh great, no pressure or anything."

"Stand up and show him real quick."

Dennis stood up and lowered the front of his shorts. His big cock and low-hanging balls flopped out.

"Oh dang!" Brendan said, his eyes huge. "Oh that's big. No, that is definitely big. Oh my gosh."

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