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Jonah & Pete

Jonah & Pete

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"Jonah, this is Pete." I like to keep the introductions simple. "Pete this is Jonah."

"Man," Jonah said to Pete. "You're big."

I think Jonah might have been a little intimidated. He was probably expecting someone smaller for his first man-on-man fuck session.

"Thanks," Pete said with a smile. Even though he's packed on muscle, he's still the same sweet guy!

It all turned out OK, though. Jonah is a talented fucker, and he had a great time tapping Pete's bubble butt!

"Wow, that felt great," Jonah said afterward. "He's got a great ass. He's hot too!"

"So you enjoyed yourself then?" I asked.

"Yeah, it was a little weird at first fucking someone with muscles," he said. "But it was fun!"

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