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Jesse is a dirty boy!

First, he loves to watch porn on the Internet, especially when he thinks he shouldn't be.

"I love to surf when my girlfriend's not around," he said. Apparently, the thrill of getting caught is what makes it exciting!

He and his girlfriend have been together for about a year and a half and he seems genuinely happy when he talks about her...

The other interesting tidbit was revealed when Jesse was asked:

"Are you completely straight?"

The answer was full of pauses!

"Ummmm.... Yeah.... Kind of....."

And then he said:

"Well, I've had experience, with, uh, like, trannies, and stuff..."

What I found most interesting was the gleam in his eye and the smile on his face as he related the story.

"I met one one day, and I thought she was a chick. And then we got back to her place and boy I had a surprise!"

"So, did you keep going?"

"Well, I was shocked at first, but then it didn't matter. I was like 'Ok, whatever'!"

"Did they have boobs?"

"Yeah, double D's... that's why it was so fun!"

He said he hasn't pursed that avenue any further (or maybe he just hasn't had the chance).

At any rate, Jesse confessed that he's really, really sexual.

"I love sex," he said. "It's never enough!"

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