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Just when I thought I had met every imaginable type of person, along came Troy!

He's 21, from Texas, and funny as hell!

When we picked him up from the airport, he was wearing tight jeans, cowboy boots, a big ten-gallon hat, and the biggest belt buckle I've ever seen.

He met us like we were long lost friends, and by the end of the drive from the airport he had thoroughly charmed all of us. He's just one of those guys!

He works as a machinist during the day, does cage fighting in the evening, and competes in rodeos (bull riding) on the weekends.

He'd never seen the ocean before, and I wanted him to show off some of his roping talents. We drove him up to one of the most beautiful beaches in the city, high on a cliff overlooking the ocean, and he showed us what he can do. I was really neat!

He's not shy about his body, and he loves to show off his cock, which hangs long even soft.

"It's a pretty good size, I guess," he said with a smile.

The most shocking thing was when I asked him about sex.

"I love girls," he said. "But I've always wondered about guys."

Well, this should be interesting!

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