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Gabe & Jonah

Gabe & Jonah

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Gabe and Jonah both have one thing in common — they both had sex with Pete!

For Jonah, it was his first ever experience with a guy. Gabe had a little experience under his belt, but admitted it was the first time he really let go and just fucked!

So, when they first met, they immediately had something to discuss! And the thing they both agreed on was that Pete's ass was very fun to fuck!

From there, it was obvious that Gabe was excited to plow Jonah. Yes, it was Jonah's first time on the bottom!

The funniest thing was when we asked Jonah, "Did you ever think you'd actually have sex with a guy?"

His response: "Everyone always thought I'd turn out to be gay, so I figured, probably, eventually I would!"

Gabe thought that was the funniest thing he'd ever heard!

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