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Ivan was born in Brazil, but his family moved here when he was very young.

He's 26 now, and he works a full-time job, but he's a really, really BIG exhibitionist.

"I love to be naked in front of other people," he said. "I love to be sexual, I especially love to jerk off in front of other people."

"You jack off in front of people?"


"Multiple people?"


"How does this happen?"

"Ummm... party, steam room, with couples..."

"Guys or girls?"

"Guys," he replied emphatically. "Maybe after a workout, a long workout, I'll go to the steam room... usually I'll find at least a couple of guys that are interested in doing it with me..."

Ivan says he is versatile.

"Pretty much anything," he said. "I just really enjoy sex. Whatever feels good at that moment... that's what I'll do!"

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