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Landon & Dennis

Landon & Dennis

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I think this is one of the hottest pairings I've seen!

I was so excited when Landon said he wanted to come back and try more. He's such an incredible guy because he's so comfortable with himself and he has such a great sense of adventure. Of course, the fact that he's super hot and has a great big cock doesn't hurt either.

I've gotten to know Dennis pretty well and it's become apparent that he really loves big cock!

So this was just fun from the very beginning!

The guys got along great and the sexual tension was pretty high.

Once they got going, it was even better!

Dennis pulled down Landon's pants and attempted to give him head. I say "attempted" because Landon's dick is so big Dennis was only able to work the head and the top of the shaft! It was so fucking hot seeing Dennis work his way all over Landon's big fuck pole.

The big surprise came when Landon asked if he could lick Dennis' asshole. He'd never done it before and was curious. For a first timer, he did a pretty good job!

The real fun started when Landon slid his monster cock inside Dennis. Slow at first, and then he gave Dennis the pounding of his life.

You can tell from the sounds that Dennis makes that he is in a state of intensity pretty much the whole time!

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